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The Power of Google Analytics and how it works

Google Analytics is an amazing tool. With Google Analytics tools, you can choose exactly what you want to measure on your website. This tool is very easy to personalize and start working for you just as you want.

Google Analytics puts you in control and allows you to decide on the specific objectives and goals of the measurements you want from the system. If you only wish to know who your website visitors are and how they found you, Google Analytics can easily do that. But the actual value of this tool is that you can define whatever filters will perfectly help to analyze the traffic going to your website.

How does this benefit you? Let’s have a more in depth analysis to give you a better understanding of how Google Analytics actually works for you. Google allows you to set all of the specific goals and objectives to pinpoint what you are trying to do in many aspects of website management.

Objective: This is the big picture – what do you really want from your website visitors? What is your website’s main purpose; and how can you work with your website visitors to achieve that purpose?

For instance, if your website is an e-commerce website, then the answer is not far fetch – you want to sell your products and make a profit. However, you will want to know the products that are generating more revenues and the ones that are not, so as to determine what you should sell more of and what you need to remove from your online store.

That’s an objective.

Goals: Goals are short term aspirations for your site while objectives are the long term ones. What can you do to hit your goal? Do you have to track traffic directed from a particular page to your site? Or maybe your goal is to sell more of a particular product within a particular period of time?

This is possible with the help of Google Analytics. These goals can be set within the application itself.

Specifics: Knowing your goals and objectives, prepares you to effectively use the full power of Google Analytics. Specifics are the steps you have to follow in order to make your goals and objectives a reality.

Google Analytics is an ideal tool for analyzing where traffic directed to your site is coming from and the numbers of site visitors and several other statistics.

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